Welcome to the Nursery Fohlmanns website.
Michael Fohlmann takes over 1/6 1994 the nursery after Ole Olsen.
The nursery is in 2001 converted to a private limited company and will be called nursery Fohlmann Ltd. and in 2005 Ole Povlsen will be co-owner.
The nursery Fohlmann currently consists of 13500 m2 greenhouses and 10000 m2 outside. We have since 1994 specialized in producing succulents.
We have about 400 different succulents in production and we get continuously new succulents to our assortiment.
Our succulents are 100% Danish produced and we do everything ourselves from seeds/cuttings for sale.
In 2015 we hired Martin as driving salesman. Martin's job is to provide our customers and business partners the service to fill the car with our assortment of succulents and driving around to stores and wholesalers.
We do a lot to protect the environment, using part biological control.


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